“The highlight of my year”

January 20, 2016   |   No Comments

Who says the great news about giving has to end in December? We received this wonderful update from Communities In Schools of Central Kansas Site Coordinator Nikkee Byard and couldn’t resist sharing her excitement about the Angel Tree program at Hutchinson High School.

Project Angel Tree 2015: Hutchinson High School

A total of 109 students were interviewed about what they wanted for the holidays. These children are those who don’t have the basic needs, let alone holiday gifts. Colors, sizes, styles and other specifics were gathered to ensure the kids would receive exactly what they needed and wanted.

All 109 kids were adopted by the community members and their wishlists were fulfilled!

This program skyrocketed, doubling last year’s number of kids served.

A local church offered significant support, adopting 60 of the wish lists. Recently, Nikkee spoke at the church to thank the members for their support and to share stories about how kids reacted when they opened their gifts:

The boy who wanted a mattress, but loves video games

From the words of Site Coordinator Nikkee Byard:

The first kid I interviewed asked for a mattress because the springs on his mattress were going through. He was having a tough time getting a good night of sleep.  But his big wish was for a gaming system and he didn’t care if it was used. 

When he arrived to open gifts, he was overwhelmed by the amount of gifts he received.  His parents had told him he could only open one gift before Christmas so he picked the heaviest one he could find. It was a used gaming system with 20 games.  He sat in silence for awhile and then said, “I can’t believe someone would get this for me.” 

I then asked him where the mattress should be delivered and he again sat in silence and said, “ I can’t believe someone would do this for me.” 




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