Exciting Hesston College Partnership

January 25, 2017   |   No Comments

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Hesston College is proud to partner with Communities In Schools of Mid-America, Inc. (CIS MidAm) in order to provide an opportunity to students with quality academic marks, yet substantial financial need, to obtain a college degree. Hesston College aims to “educate and nurture each student within Christ-centered community.” Through this partnership, CIS and Hesston College seek to provide CIS students access to a high quality education that will open doors to a bright future. Through this partnership, Hesston College, CIS MidAm and an eligible CIS student agree to specific commitments. Hesston College will grant its largest need-based scholarship, which nearly covers tuition expenses and is specifically created for CIS students. CIS MidAm will grant a $1,000 dollar scholarship and offer support through the college years. Up to five eligible students will meet minimum GPA requirements, hold a campus job and contribute positively to the campus community.

If you are a CIS student who would like more information about this opportunity, please contact your Site Coordinator or contact our CIS admissions counselor, Michael Smalley, at michaels@hesston.edu or by calling 620-327-8211.


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