Success Story: Darren

Darren has the biggest heart. This wonderful trait can also get him into trouble. He is often the first person to jump in to a fight to break it up. Early in the morning of September 3rd, Darren was at a party with a friend. A fight broke out and Darren jumped in to pull his friend out. As they were running away, someone shot at them hitting Darren in the upper part of his leg. Darren was able to run home for help. Since he and his mother did not have a car, they walked to the hospital. The bullet lodged in his hip where it remains today. 

“You give me the chance to do things I did not think I could. I really appreciate you, Mrs. Julie.”


Despite this traumatic and painful experience, Darren was at school the next day. He has powered through the painful days to remain on track to graduate this year. Prior to being shot, Darren had plans to join the Navy. Due to his injury, Darren has had to change his plans. Without hesitation, Darren has set his sights on Washburn University. 

Darren wants to be remembered at for being a great friend. He demonstrates this every day by putting others before himself. He wants to be a role model for his peers. His fellow seniors see this in him and voted him the Homecoming King just three weeks after being shot. This was particularly special for him as it validated the legacy he hopes to leave behind when he graduates.