Communities In Schools of Mid-America receives $2,000 in Apple Market Credit

Topeka, KS – Communities In Schools of Mid-America is pleased to announce it has received a $2,000 in-kind donation of credit at Seabrook Apple Market from Project Topeka Community Food Drive. The funds will be used to support the Communities In Schools (CIS) food pantry located at Topeka High School.

The Project Topeka Community Food Drive began under the name Project Concern as a cooperative effort by the Community Resources Council, KSNT-TV 27, and the Junior League of Topeka.  The name changed in 1987 to reflect the focus on helping people in the Topeka community. Project Topeka Community Food Drive’s donation of Apple Market credit will directly supply the food pantry at Topeka High School and help to alleviate the hunger many students and families face.

It is amazing how far $2,000 can go to help meet the needs of students and families. This donation will provide supports for many of the students we serve while also reminding them that the community is thinking of them and caring for them.

CIS Field Director Becca Spielman

CIS of Mid-America focuses its work exclusively inside K-12 schools. CIS Site Coordinators are in schools all day every day, connecting at-risk students with community resources – food, clothing, school supplies and medical care, among other needs—to help remove barriers to their academic success. In addition to the services provided at Topeka High School, CIS of Mid-America supports students at Topeka West High School, Highland Park High School, State Street Elementary School, and Ross Elementary School, as well as more than 50 schools across its multi-state network.


About Project Topeka Community Food Drive

Since Project Topeka Community Food Drive’s initial community drive, which produced 58,000 food items (approximately 14.5 tons of food), the organization has grown to collect the equivalent of nearly 200 tons of food annually for distribution through seven local food banks. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of its executive board and steering committee, Project Topeka Community Food Drive has no overhead. All proceeds, whether cash or food, go directly to supplying food pantries in Topeka.

About Seabrook Apple Market

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