CIS of Mid-America Results


In 75 schools across four states we address two kinds of need:

School-wide programs target needs ranging from financial literacy to service learning and out-of-school enrichment for older students, to school supplies drives and coat distributions for younger kids.

Individualized support is offered on a case-by-case basis. Through mentoring, tutoring, and family support we get to know the kids we help, and track the change that results.

CIS of Mid-America has a proven track record of improving student outcomes in academic achievement and behavior patterns. Students participating in CIS of Mid-America projects have increased promotion and graduation rates, improved attendance, improved academic performance and have fewer discipline referrals.

The success of these students is even more remarkable when their greater challenges are considered. These are young people who, without the intervention of CIS of Mid-America, would likely fall far below the national average for student success. Students receiving individualized support during the 2014-2015 school year achieved tremendous results:

  • 99% stayed in school
  • 97% were promoted
  • 93% seniors graduated
  • 88% improved behavior
  • 83% improved academics
  • 81% improved attendance

National Evaluation Study Results

Independent research demonstrates that Communities In Schools is one of a very few organizations proven to keep students in school and the only one to document that it increases graduation rates. The study also shows

  • We produce positive outcomes for the schools we serve, including attendance rates and academic achievement.
  • A higher percentage of students served by Communities In Schools reach proficiency in 4th-grade and 8th-grade reading and math.
  • Our coordinated approach is proven to be more effective than other dropout prevention organization.
  • Our services result in higher graduation rates and higher percentages of students reaching proficiency in math and reading.

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