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Introducing the CIS of Mid-America Alumni Allies Network Program!

Communities In Schools of Mid-America’s Alumni Allies Network allows former CIS students to keep connecting with us but most importantly, each other. The Alumni Allies Network is a place – via social media and person to person, where alumni can engage and lend support to their peers after high school, whether their path involves finding employment, continuing their education or following other pursuits.  Alumni can also network with mentors and receive support in skill development, enrichment programs, resume building activities and referrals to community resources or info on becoming a mentor themselves.

Scholarship Opportunities

Communities in Schools of Mid-America has partnered with Hesston College to extend  educational opportunities and success for CIS students into their college years. The partnership aims to "unlock potential for at-risk students" by providing a college environment that "educated and nurtures each student" through a caring and supportive campus community. 

Individuals who are currently or have previously received case-management from CIS of Mid-America have a unique opportunity to attend Hesston College at practically no cost.

Students must meet academic requirements, have significant financial need, be willing to maintain steady campus employment, be willing to live in residence halls full-time, have positive interpersonal relationships, and be highly motivated to succeed.

For more information or to apply:
alumni@cismidamerica.org or 785-856-1939




Alex Acuna-Rice-Chanute HS_ibe_203x241_1x
During Alex's senior year his family faced many challenges including getting uprooted from their home. With the support of his CIS of Mid-America Site Coordinator, Alex was fed, clothed and passing all of his classes. Not only did Alex graduate high school during a rough time in his life, he did so with flying colors. Alex received a full-ride scholarship to study theatre and is now the first of his family to attend college. A feat that he himself considers "a huge accomplishment" that "none of which would have happened if it wasn't for Communities In Schools and his Site Coordinator."
Alex also had the opportunity to represent CIS of Mid-America on Capitol Hill. He shared his story in its entirety with Communities In Schools inspiring staff all across America.