Isabella & Joel’s Story

Isabella and Joel are siblings that have attended the school for several years. The whole time they have been here, teachers and school staff have pushed Mom to take them to the eye doctor because of their extremely poor eyesight. Teachers had been frustrated, sharing that they struggled to teach the kids because they can’t […]

Violet’s Story

From the desk of a CIS of Mid-America Site Coordinator: Violet* entered her sophomore year a little apprehensive of how it would go. Last year, her family had experienced some stress and she had felt unsafe where she was staying. She got poor grades and had been suspended at the end of the year for […]

The Boy’s Group Success Story

Every two weeks, the Boy’s Group met. Each meeting began with a dance to the instrumental of “The Billy Bounce” (chosen by the group). Following this, we would do the “Rose and Thorn” activity. This was the opportunity for the students to come together and share one awesome thing about their day (a rose) or […]

Sam’s Success Story

Sam started this school year a little rough and was constantly in the focus room for poor behavior choices. She could be violent; kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs, which would lead to her being escorted home by the School Resource Officer. This happened multiple times during the start of the school […]

Success Story: Javangeline

The beginning of the year was a challenge for her, but when Javangeline started participating in after school activities, like wrestling, she began to find an outlet. After regular check-ins with Communities In Schools, she expressed her desire to not just meet her goals but to exceed them. To do so, Javangeline started eating her […]

Success Story: Darren

Darren has the biggest heart. This wonderful trait can also get him into trouble. He is often the first person to jump in to a fight to break it up. Early in the morning of September 3rd, Darren was at a party with a friend. A fight broke out and Darren jumped in to pull […]