Get Involved

There are many ways for both individuals and groups to support Communities In Schools of Mid-America. Whether through time and effort, skills and expertise, or financial and in-kind support, your support can change lives. When you invest in CIS, you invest in the success of our youth and the future of your community.

You can help in the following ways:


Whether you’re helping organize a school supply drive, assisting in the office, or mentoring a student, you can change a young life for the better. Contact your local office for details on current volunteer opportunities.


Fund an organization that works. We help thousands of young people realize their potential, but many more need our services. Help us expand our reach and deepen our level of support. Contribute today for a brighter future for many.

Meet some of our  Network Donors.


Advocate for youth in your community. Young people are falling through the cracks and they need more than just schools. They need families and communities who are there for them. Encourage colleagues, friends and family to get involved, and support organizations proven to make a difference.

Bring CIS to Your Community

Local Communities In Schools affiliates start through the interest and hard work of concerned citizens like you. Communities In Schools of Mid-America can help lead your community on the road to starting a successful CIS affiliate that will help improve outcomes for students and schools in your community.

Contact Malissa Martin,, for more information on starting a CIS affiliate in your area!