FutureNow: Finance


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What a great time to introduce to you “FutureNow: Finance,” our updated and enhanced financial literacy program offered through Communities In Schools of Mid-America, beginning in school year 2016-2017!
More details regarding the new program will be provided to you as they become available. We can’t wait to share!

The Interactive Game of Life

FSHS 2_editedImagine being able to see 10 years into the future.

That’s just what teens get to do: a fast-paced, hands-on financial literacy exercise.

Before attending, students complete a lifestyle survey where they describe their lives as 26-year-olds: their jobs, salaries, family, homes, even shopping habits and entertainment. CIS staff then compares their surveys with their current school performance and assigns fictional jobs, salaries and families.

Students are then challenged to make ends meet using their salaries to purchase all the necessities of life: child care, transportation, groceries, homes, utilities, etc.; plus budget for fun things like vacations and entertainment.

Teens Need Financial Literacy

Consider these statistics:

  • According to a Jump$tart Coalition survey, high school students can correctly answer only 48 percent of questions about the basics of personal finance.
  • In a recent Schwab survey of teens, just 26 percent understood credit-card interest and fees; and only a third could read a bank statement, balance a checkbook and pay bills.
  • The number of 18 to 24-year-olds declaring bankruptcy increased 96% in 10 years. (Richmond Credit Abuse Resistant Education)
  • A Harris Interactive poll showed that 32 percent of college students believe they were not adequately prepared for managing their money on campus.
  • The average college senior graduates with $2,800 in credit card debt and $18,900 in student loans. (Nellie Mae)

Rep Doll 2_editedIt Works

It’s the connection between current school performance and future success that makes this program work. Here’s what students say after attending the program:

“I never thought life was that hard—now I know I need to be prepared.”

“I learned that having an education is more important than everything else.”

“I discovered that supporting a family is not that easy. Now I’m thinking I need to take hard classes for the next two years because I want to get a scholarship to go to college.”

The program currently runs financial literacy programs for students in Northeast, Central, Southeast and Southwest Kansas, as well as, Tulsa, OK and Liberty, Missouri.


Spring 2017 Events

Date Event Location
2/15 & 2/16/2017 Shawnee Mission North HS Overland Park, KS
2/22/2017 Liberty North High School Liberty, MO
2/22/2017 Parsons High School Parsons, KS
2/24/2017 Northern Heights High School Allen, KS
3/1 & 3/2/2017 Topeka High School Topeka, KS
3/9/2017 Shawnee Mission Northwest High School Shawnee, KS
3/15 & 3/16/2017 Highland Park High School Topeka, KS
3/15 & 3/16/2017 Junction City High School Junction City, KS
3/28/2017 Liberty High School Liberty, MO
4/5/2017 Salina South High School Salina, KS
4/10/2017 Salina Central High School Salina, KS
4/12/2017 Liberal High School Liberal, KS
4/12/2017 Chanute High School Chanute, KS
4/13 & 4/14/2017 Garden City High School Garden City, KS
4/18/2017 Shawnee Mission West High School Shawnee Mission, KS
5/3/2017 Pittsburg High School Pittsburg, KS


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Get Involved


Help teens make spending decisions on the necessities and luxuries they envision as part of their adult lifestyle. You will be provided detailed information and price sheets for your booth’s goods or services, so you can help the students decide how to spend their money. In fact, one student commented, “I like the fact that the volunteers just didn’t tell you what to do. They explained how things work.”


To volunteer, call 785-856-5190.


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