Sam’s Success Story

Sam started this school year a little rough and was constantly in the focus room for poor behavior choices. She could be violent; kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs, which would lead to her being escorted home by the School Resource Officer. This happened multiple times during the start of the school year.

Sam was referred to me, the CIS Site Coordinator. I spoke with Sam to try to gain more understanding of her outbursts. I then worked with the school. They re-evaluated Sam’s needs and she was able to be set up on a plan that had her participating in the SPED Behavioral Program. In addition, I worked with Sam to establish a way for her to earn positive reinforcement awards.

These two changes to Sam’s school environment made a world of difference. What started out as a rough school year, turned 180 degrees, and now, not only is Sam’s behavior MUCH better, but she also LOVES coming to school. Sam says that her favorite part is coming to visit me and earning the positive reinforcements. Sam comes to visit me on almost a daily basis, either before or after school, wanting a hug and to share either what kind of day she had, or what kind of day it is going to be…which is mostly always great! Her perspective on school, the choices she makes, and her overall quality of life have all improved, thanks to the great partnership CIS has with her school, and through her willingness to ask for help.

NOTE: Student’s name has been changed to protect their identity.