The Boy’s Group Success Story

Every two weeks, the Boy’s Group met. Each meeting began with a dance to the instrumental of “The Billy Bounce” (chosen by the group). Following this, we would do the “Rose and Thorn” activity. This was the opportunity for the students to come together and share one awesome thing about their day (a rose) or something not so great (a thorn). This time was sacred because it meant that every student would have the opportunity to be heard. When one student had the floor everyone else respected that.

Throughout the nine weeks that the group had together, they learned empathy, leadership, brotherhood, self –regulation, and so much more. When each student was asked what was one thing they will take away from the group, responses include “the brotherhood” and “teamwork”.

We don’t have to be blood to be brothers.

CIS student

Towards the end of the school year, students and staff learned that the school would be closing its doors for good at the end of the academic year.  To celebrate a successful year of personal growth, the Boys Group took a field trip to “The College Basketball Experience” for the very first time. Eyes wide and minds hungry, the students got to build memories through this shared experience. They enjoyed their CIS sponsored trip in downtown Kansas City, eating lunch at Chipotle and topping it off with ice cream for dessert.

“Can we go back?” “It’s over?” “This was the best field trip ever!” I couldn’t agree more.