Starting the New Year off Right vs. Starting the New Year off with the Right Idea

Susie Ledbetter | CIS of Mid-America’s Site Coordinator at Westside Elementary School in Pittsburg, KS

One week into the New Year and for some, that “to-do” list, or “resolution” is already in the trash! Why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we set ourselves for disappointment so easily? “This year I am going to lose 10 lbs,” or, “get that promotion, ring, guy, girl, house, etc…” Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves at the beginning of a New Year? For me, the most important thing is trying to stay up until midnight!

A New Year’s resolution is a decision to do or not to do something to accomplish a personal goal or break a bad habit. It comes at a time when we reflect on the previous year and make an effort to improve ourselves as the year begins. But often times, trying to start the New Year off right by making year- long promises, doesn’t even last a month. So, this year let’s start the New Year off with the right idea, instead.

We typically start the first day back from break with both anxiety and excitement. As CIS Site Coordinator’s, we know a lot of “our” students don’t like long breaks. The holidays come and go, and all the day to day stresses come full circle again. Yet when they see us in the hall on that first day back, waiting for them with a warm hug, a high five, fist bump, or even just that sweet gentleness of making eye contact, they sigh a huge sigh of relief that hope is not lost, and help is on the way. They reach out to us without even knowing they are doing so, and we jump right in and save the day. I do. You do. We all do. And we love it. We love or jobs, our schools and our students. What a better way to start the year off than with the right idea! The idea that hope is not lost, and we DO make a difference.

As long as we continue to see hope in the eyes of our students, we will work harder, strive for better, and love deeper and longer.

We will keep on doing so because the “idea” behind having CIS in schools, is to take away the stresses and alleviate the barriers so that students everywhere can stay in school. So they don’t have to carry those burdens with them, and they can learn. And grow. And become who they were meant to be. To me, THAT is the right idea!

So, a huge shout out to everyone who is working with and supporting Communities In Schools. You are amazing. You are important. You are so valuable to so many. Worry not if you have already blown your resolution to start the New Year off right. You are a part of CIS, and that, my friends, is…THE RIGHT IDEA!