Communities In Schools of Mid-America VOTES!

Our country’s youth have been a powerful voice for change this year, speaking up forcefully about racial and social injustice and the existence of systemic racism that is embedded in major institutions in our country.

They also have the potential to exercise considerable influence in the election, making up more than one-third of eligible voters. And polls show they’ve expressed a strong desire to vote.

As part of the Communities In Schools (CIS) commitment to give every young person an opportunity to engage with and give back to their community, CIS of Mid-America is providing resources to our voting-age students and alumni.

Our goal is to inform them about their voting rights; help them overcome any potential barriers to participation and ensure they have the resources they need to exercise their right to vote.

We have created a list of resources to get started. Together on Election Day, #CISVotes. And in that way, we will continue to be #AllinforKids.