What Marcus Is Made Of

Marcus* is a phenomenal person with goals for his future, but the obstacles in his life make attaining those goals challenging. Marcus is working hard to graduate while taking care of himself and his younger siblings. He doesn’t get much sleep and is often too stressed to eat, making him feel even more run down, physically and mentally. When Marcus met the new Site Coordinator at his school, they immediately bonded. Just as the Site Coordinator checks on Marcus, Marcus checks on his Site Coordinator. They motivate each other to be the best versions of themselves and pick each other up on hard days.

Marcus plans to join the military after high school but expressed concerns to his Site Coordinator about passing the physical training test since he had not been taking good care of himself. The Site Coordinator created a fitness plan, and Marcus and the Site Coordinator workout together multiple times a week. They talk about the mental toughness it takes to succeed in the military and focus on making small improvements each week to help Marcus reach his goal. Despite his commitments at home, Marcus has never missed a workout. He knows he is doing this not just for himself but for his family. Marcus wants to be a role model for his siblings. He does not realize he has already become a role model for his peers and the Site Coordinator.

*Name has been changed and a stock image used to protect the student’s privacy.