CIS of Mid-America Partners with Propio to Remove Language Barriers

One of the primary goals of Communities In Schools (CIS) of Mid-America is to “remove barriers”. When CIS of Mid-America Site Coordinators reported that they were struggling to communicate with students and families due to a language barrier, the organization acted fast to find a solution.

CIS of Mid-America is proud to announce a new partnership with Propio Language Services to provide interpretation and translation services to students and families whose first language is not English. This partnership allows CIS of Mid-America Site Coordinators to have access to certified, on-demand interpreters for scheduled or impromptu meetings with parents who do not speak English. Additionally, Propio translates documents that are essential to understand CIS programming and what we do for students and their families. No more frantic searches for the para, secretary, or teacher who speaks the needed language! CIS of Mid-America now has a resource to help Site Coordinators directly connect and share important information.

Propio has been providing interpretation and translation services in more than 200 languages for more than 20 years. The following four principles guide its work:

  1. Think like a client. Propio believes in relationships and partnerships and approaches every encounter from its client’s perspective.
  2. Think like an interpreter. Propio treats its interpreters with the utmost respect.
  3. Innovate and deliver. Creative problem-solving, great technology, strong processes, and outstanding executive help set Propio apart from its competitors.
  4. Help others. Propio provides value by identifying needs and finding ways to meet those needs.

Propio’s guiding principles echo those of our own: building relationships, identifying needs, creative solutions, doing whatever it takes, and more.

CIS of Mid-America’s Site Coordinators have access to the following tools from Propio:

  • Over-the-Phone Interpretation
  • Document Translation
  • Video-Remote-Interpretation

With 19% of CIS of Mid-America’s case-managed students English Language Learners, this partnership with Propio provides a bridge to overcome a significant obstacle: the language barrier.

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