What Hannah is Made Of

*To protect the student’s identity, the name has been changed and the image is a stock photo.

Hannah* regularly eats lunch with her Student Support Coordinator and has for several school years. This year, the Student Support Coordinator noticed Hannah was coming in with more energy and even a smile on her face sometimes, which is a significant change from last year. Hannah has a history of depression and anxiety, but last year, life felt unbearable for her. She was hospitalized twice after two separate suicide attempts. During the second stay, Hannah was much more active in her recovery, and they were able to establish a medication regimen that worked for her. When Hannah returned to school this fall, everyone could see a change in her. Hannah’s new outlook has improved other aspects of her life as well. Her grades have improved, and she is making new friends. During one of their first lunches of the year, Hannah told her Student Support Coordinator how much the lunches meant to her. She said she was grateful to have someone at the school to talk to and support her through anything.