What Ali is Made Of

*Name has been changed and stock photo used to protect the student and family’s privacy.

Ali* was referred to Communities In Schools of Mid-America by his teacher for academic, attendance, and behaviors. The Student Support Coordinator (SSC) met with Ali one-to-one to get to know him and assess his needs and assets. The assessment revealed several concerns, including poor sleep habits and bullying. Ali said he didn’t really care about school and didn’t feel like doing his work. The SSC met with Ali and his mother. Together they created morning and evening routines to help Ali get more sleep and get to school on time in the morning.

The SSC also gave Ali hygiene products and they went over how to use them. Ali joined the SSC’s Focus Group and made new friends. Within a week, Ali’s teacher noticed an improvement in his attitude. It didn’t take long for the progress to show in his grades and attendance as well. Now Ali has no trouble completing his work and enjoys coming to school every day.