Student Support Coordinators, We Appreciate You!

For the long days you work to ensure that each student has what they need before they go home.

For the data you carefully collect and enter so we maintain our promise to monitor and adjust our supports, and ensure that our students are getting the help that is truly impactful to them.

For the thoughtfulness you put into creating unique ways to connect with kids, knowing that “it is relationships, not programs” that make the difference.

For all the times you reach out to your community to ask for donations of clothing, snacks, school supplies, hygiene products, or anything our students might need.

For the partnerships you make with businesses and community members, connecting their passions with ways they can support our mission.

For being resilient and adaptable, even when faced with challenging situations.

For being a caring adult in the lives of our students.

For the creative ways you find to motivate and incentivize students to meet their goals.

For every time you found a way to remove a barrier preventing a student from being successful.

For all the times you opened the eyes of a young person who had not yet realized that their future held so much potential.

For all of this, and so much more, we appreciate you. Thank you for being all in for kids.