What Larisa is Made Of

Larisa* was referred to CIS in September. Her teacher and guidance counselor noticed significant changes in Larisa’s behavior and grades compared to previous school years. They met with Larisa several times but could not get her to open up to them. Larissa was quiet and had a hard time trusting people. The Student Support Coordinator (SSC) invited Larissa to her office for snacks. They spoke casually, but it was clear Larisa was carrying some heavy burdens. A few weeks after Larisa was enrolled on caseload, she was removed from the home and placed in foster care. Larisa stopped by the CIS office several times a week to grab a snack or get help with her homework. She did not tell her friends she was moved to foster care. The SSC was one of only a few people at the school who knew, so Larissa leaned on her SSC. She began to trust her SSC enough to open up about the recent challenges at home. The SSC could see a sense of relief rush over Larisa as she was finally able to share the secrets she was keeping. Just before winter break, Larissa shared that she would not have made it through the fall without the SSC’s patience and support.

They continue to meet several times a week, and Larissa’s grades have improved. Most importantly, Larissa knows she has someone she can trust.

*Name has been changed and a stock image used to protect the student’s identity.