What Connor is Made Of

Connor* had a variety of challenges to start the school year. He struggled with time management and turning in assignments, especially in math. He was also having trouble managing his behavior and interacting with his peers. Connor was referred to Communities In Schools after fighting with another student. The Student Support Coordinator (SSC) met with Connor several times to understand what led to the fight and helped Connor find alternative coping skills to manage his anger. The SSC also encouraged Connor to participate in a structured mediation with the other student so that they could move past the fight. Connor agreed and was able to express his feelings constructively.

The SSC continued to meet with Connor weekly to practice deep breathing exercises and other ways to center himself when he gets angry. As the end of the first quarter approached, Connor’s classroom behavior was much better, but he was still failing math. The SSC invited Connor to participate in the “Quarter Crunch.” The SSC ran this event and worked with Connor as much as possible during those two weeks. The SSC showed Connor how he could divide his tasks into chunks and set timers to complete each piece of work. Connor liked this method and had his math grade up to passing at the end of the quarter. The SSC and Connor continue to meet weekly to discuss his tasks and practice his coping skills. Connor had no behavior referrals during the second quarter, and his math grade was higher than ever!

*Name has been changed and a stock photo was used to protect the student’s identity.