Mental Health Awareness and More

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It is a time when we can raise awareness for all those living with mental health issues. Communities In Schools of Mid-America recognizes the importance of speaking on these issues to reduce the stigma many individuals encounter. Our students and families have experienced an incredible toll over the past few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our organization goes above and beyond to support students’ social-emotional learning and mental health.

Below are a few examples of how CIS of Mid-America supports its students:

  • In Overland Park, KS, our Student Support Coordinator (SSC), led CIS students in an anger management group. They learned techniques and strategies to manage their feelings, such as five finger breathing, box breathing, bubble breathing, and the stoplight strategy. 
  • In Chanute, KS, our SSC provided a calm-down room for elementary students that felt overwhelmed or upset. 
  • In Anadarko, OK, Keli Warrior from Morningstar Counseling presented information on the importance of knowing and understanding mental health to students.
  • In Troy, MO, students at Cuivre Park Elementary learn to identify healthy coping skills during an activity led by their SCC.
  • In Kansas City, MO, students at Guadalupe Centers High School, the SSC helps her students understand their feelings with thoughtful questions.
  • In El Dorado, the SCC at El Dorado Middle School hosted a “No Bullying” presentation to discourage behavior harmful to students’ mental health.

CIS of Mid-America is committed to providing safe spaces, self-care resources, and events supporting student wellness to empower kids to have a healthy outlook on their mental health and to succeed in life. Learn more about our work at