What Benny Is Made Of

Benny* started kindergarten eager to learn but nervous about the big building and new faces. Like his peers, he had to navigate new rules and long structured days, but Benny faced even more challenges. He had just moved back home with his dad for the first time since he was a baby two days before school started. Benny was often tardy and had explosive behaviors that forced him to be removed from the classroom.

He would elope from the classroom and constantly avoided tasks. The Student Success Coordinator recognized immediately Benny needed to feel safe at school in order to be successful. He was provided with consistent guidance, love, and patience. The Student Success Coordinator developed a plan with Benny’s father who was working to keep a job and raise his son. With daily communication between the Student Success Coordinator, teacher, and support staff, Benny started making gains. The intensity of his behaviors decreased and he no longer elopes from the classroom. Now, he comes to school with a smile that spreads to everyone he comes in contact with throughout the day.

* Name has been changed and a stock photo used to protect privacy.