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One of the unique aspects of our program is that it is customizable for every community and school. Each school year, our Student Support Coordinators conduct a Needs Assessment, which evaluates the current risks and resources. They then take that information and, working with school personnel, develop a School Support Plan. This method ensures that our work avoids duplicating any existing resources within the school.

Throughout the school year, Student Support Coordinators split their time working individually with case-managed students, holding targeted, small groups for students with similar needs, and providing school-wide supports. Additionally, progress is monitored on all supports at each grading period. If students are not seeing successes, our supports can be adjusted to provide the best positive impact.

Finally, we analyze our work at the end of each school year, reflecting on what works and what doesn’t. Our data-driven model ensures the greatest chance of success for the students which we serve.

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