What Bethany Is Made Of

COVID-19 impacted all students last year, but for Bethany*, it changed her whole world. When she began her senior year, her parent was in the hospital due to the virus. Bethany was working full-time as the only source of income for the home, so she enrolled in a virtual school. She was referred to Communities […]

What You Can Do To Help Prevent Youth Suicide

NOTE: This month’s blog is a focus on Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and discusses suicide, specifically in youth. The past 18 plus months have been a never-ending series of changes and adjustments and everyone is exhausted, including our students. As adults, we have the luxury of having more years of life experience to help us […]

The Impact of Teacher Stress on Kids and Communities

Teaching is one of the most difficult careers there is, with the never-ending workload, student needs, public expectations, and low pay. Although most teachers enter the profession with a yearning to leave an impact on the next generation, sometimes, this fire may not be enough. In fact, stress was the number one reason behind teachers quitting […]

CIS of Mid-America Partners with Propio to Remove Language Barriers

One of the primary goals of Communities In Schools (CIS) of Mid-America is to “remove barriers”. When CIS of Mid-America Site Coordinators reported that they were struggling to communicate with students and families due to a language barrier, the organization acted fast to find a solution. CIS of Mid-America is proud to announce a new […]

Census 2020 Community Blog

by Kourtney Woodbury | Resource Development Director of KC, CIS of Mid-America You matter!  This sentiment has been the calling card for the recent decennial Census. You are more than a headcount. You are considered “allocated dollars” that address social needs. Your participation in the Census apportions legislators for state and federal offices. It also […]

What Having a Child on the Spectrum Has Taught Me About Life

by Julie Phillips | Grants Manager with CIS of Mid-America Spring is a time for new beginnings. So it was very fitting my first child was born in spring.  From the day he was born, I knew my life would never be the same. He had us on our toes from the very start. As […]

Sincerity in Relationships

Jen Falletti | CIS of Mid-America Site Coordinator at Lakeside Elementary School in Pittsburg, KS As a Site Coordinator for Communities In Schools (CIS) of Mid-America, coming into a school as a brand new program that helps students succeed can sometimes be off putting for existing school staff. Anyone working at the school could possibly […]

Starting the New Year off Right vs. Starting the New Year off with the Right Idea

Susie Ledbetter | CIS of Mid-America’s Site Coordinator at Westside Elementary School in Pittsburg, KS One week into the New Year and for some, that “to-do” list, or “resolution” is already in the trash! Why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we set ourselves for disappointment so easily? “This year I am going […]

Temporada de Agradecimiento – Season of Gratitude

Jania Wester | Communities In Schools of Mid-America’s Managing Director in Tulsa, OK Por alguna razón u otra durante el mes de noviembre muchos en EE.UU. tomamos tiempo para pensar en lo que estamos agradecidos. Quizás sea por el Día de Acción de Gracias o porque está cerca de las fiestas navideñas. Sea la razón […]