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What Our Volunteers Say

“I volunteer with Communities In Schools of Mid-America because it allows me to be a part of my college town community and make a difference in the youth. My personal impact at Walnut Elementary School has been empowering young students to make a difference as a leader and role model in their life like others had done for me when I was younger. I keep going back to Walnut Elementary School as a volunteer because I was in most of these students' shoes so it allows me to be transparent with the students and empower them to choose more in their life when they ask about higher education, life, and recess. It really makes a difference in the long run and allows the student to look back and have a good memory of someone making a difference in their life at a young age. My favorite memory was my first day of lunch buddies. I remember walking in and my buddy was so excited to see me and he didn't even know who I was and he still was so excited with the biggest smile on his face!”

John Doe
Kyler Dixon Volunteer Walnut Elementary School

"I volunteer with CIS of Mid-America because every kid deserves to have someone in their life who believes in them and roots for them to reach their full potential. I keep coming back year after year, because having lunch with my lunch buddy is one of the best parts of my weeks. It is a nice break where I can laugh and have fun, forgetting about all the stress and responsibilities of college.”

Kaitlyn Carr Volunteer Kennedy Elementary School

“Volunteering with FutureNow:Finance is a learning experience for me - from the Child Care booth to Housing/Utilities to Entertainment. The students are always amazed how expensive everything is. Isn't that the truth!”

Jane Smith
Ethel Edwards FutureNow: Finance Volunteer Topeka, KS

“I volunteer because I see a need! Many of our youth don’t get positive role modeling or attention at home, and are therefore hungry for positive adult interaction. These kids want to be noticed, and actually do want to learn. I enjoy just trying to make any of these kids feel special and cared for, and hopefully be a bright spot in their day. I have 2 of my own sons that attend CHS and I have become known as “Mama Stanley” to several of the other kids in the school. Over the past few years, I have made casual relationships with several of the kids through volunteering with various activities, sports, etc. I actually don’t know that I have made a huge impact as of yet, but hope to volunteer more and more over the next several years and make a greater impact. A love for the kids keeps me coming back. My favorite memory is probably working the Housing booth at the FutureNow: Finance event Sarah puts on each year. The kids love this event. They learn…and get to role-play… real-life finances and get to budget their money. Their eyes are opened to the expenses of life and how decisions affect these expenses. Many of the kids come away with renewed appreciation for their parents realizing how hard it is to have money at the end of the month. As a real estate agent, it’s great to work with them at the Housing booth teaching them about different housing options and how to help them make the best decision in their situation.”

Angie Stanley Volunteer Chanute High School

"My work with Communities in Schools, in particular the Future Now: Finance program, has been a truly rewarding volunteer experience. Few things are more satisfying than being able to work with youth in the Topeka Public Schools and offering them insight into how planning and budgeting can lead to their future financial stability."

Jim Edwards FutureNow: Finance Volunteer Topeka, KS

“I volunteer to be a mentor to younger kids as others have been mentors to me. Hopefully, I have been seen as someone that brought happiness and safety to Walnut the days I came in, my goal was to be a good role model and just be there for the kids. I go back because consistency is something everyone deserves, and I wanted to be that consistent figure in the school and in my lunch buddies lives. Every day hanging with my lunch buddies was my favorite experience.”

Zachary Cahill Volunteer Walnut Elementary School

Download our Volunteer Handbook here!


Email: volunteer@cismidamerica.org

Phone: 785-778-1344


Communities In Schools of Mid-America offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that vary in levels of commitment and access to students. You can be as involved with our organization and our schools as your schedule allows.

  • One-time Involvement: One-time volunteers participate in events that only occur during one day. Volunteer work could be just a couple of hours to the full day depending on the event. Examples include resource fairs, career fairs, college exploration days, school carnivals/events, parent-teacher conferences, cultural fairs, community service days, public speaking and so much more.
  • Episodic Involvement: Episodic volunteers give their time when they can throughout the school year by volunteering at various one-day events.
  • Ongoing Involvement: Ongoing volunteers commit to a term of service with the organization. Service terms also vary in length of commitment based on the volunteer role. Examples include tutoring, mentoring, facilitator of groups, presenters, and more.

You can find the full list of schools and communities that we are working in HERE.

If you are having trouble communicating with your direct CIS of Mid-America supervisor (Student Support Coordinator), please reach out to our Program Operations Coordinator at volunteer@cismidamerica.org or call the office at 785.778.1344.

The safety of our students is of the utmost importance at CIS of Mid-America. Volunteers who take on roles that will give them one-to-one or continual access to students must go through our background check process. This includes a detailed volunteer application, screening interview, Child Abuse and Neglect Registry checks, State Background Checks, and the National Sex Offenders Public Registry checks.

Yes! There are opportunities where groups can volunteer. These events vary from school to school, so be sure to contact your Student Support Coordinator to find these opportunities.

Yes! There are opportunities where the whole family can join! These events vary from school to school, so be sure to contact your Student Support Coordinator to find these opportunities.

Your CIS of Mid-America volunteer supervisor is your first line of contact. This person is usually a Student Support Coordinator working within the school.

There are plenty of ways in which you can support students through CIS of Mid-America. In addition to the multiple volunteer opportunities, we also accept monetary and in-kind donations. To make a monetary donation, simply click HERE. To make an in-kind donation, please contact your local Student Support Coordinator to find out what items they need.